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Welcome to the St. Colman’s Primary School website. Our website is designed to give pupils, parents, prospective pupils and other interested visitors some information about the ethos, achievements, expectations and resources of St Colman’s Primary School, Saval. We aim to provide all pupils in the school a safe, secure and valuable education reflecting the Christian way of life.  We strive to create a caring environment with high expectations in relation to learning, achievement and discipline.  We also aim to instil in our young people the confidence to make a positive contribution to their own lives and that of their local and national community.  Please take this opportunity to explore the many opportunities St. Colman’s Primary School can offer.
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Tune in for Violin Performance

Mona McGreevy 0 Comments

Primary 4 and 5 children who receive violin lessons gave a fantastic recital

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ooooo P4 Forever Blowing Bubbles ooooo

Mona McGreevy 0 Comments

Primary 4 created some lovely bubble pictures using their black backgrounds and

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Easter Holiday Arrangements

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School closes at 11.30am on Thursday 29 April.  There will be no dinners or

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Primary 4 Wish Their Penpals Happy Easter.

Mona McGreevy 0 Comments

Primary 4 made some lovely symmetrical cards for their penpals.  We hope they

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St. Colman’s Primary School Mission Statement…

“We aim to create a calm and caring community where teachers teach and children learn. Each child will be encouraged to fulfill his/her
intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional potential. Central to the creation of this environment is a commitment to Christian values,
the recognition of the worth and value of each child and the cultivation of self-respect, so that the child may accept his
appropriate responsibilities and show respect for others. We aim to establish a community wherein pupils, teachers, parents and non-teaching staff enjoy a sense of belonging and have an important part to play.”

Adrain Savage, Principal.


Children have secure relationships with peers and adults in a positively affirming environment which supports their emotional development and which is sensitive to their growing self-esteem and self-confidence.


Opportunities to be actively involved in practical, challenging play-based learning in a stimulating environment, which takes account of their developmental stage/needs (including those with learning difficulties and the most able children) and their own interests/experiences.


Children having the opportunities to initiate play which capitalises on intrinsic motivation and natural curiosity.


Children having the choice and exercise autonomy and independence in their learning, and where they are supported in taking risks in their efforts to succeed.


Children are given equality of opportunity to learn in a variety of ways and in different social groupings and are actively involved in planning, carrying out and reflecting on their work.


Supported by trained, enthusiastic and committed professionals who work in partnership with parents and carers and where appropriate, professionals in other fields, to ensure that all achieve their full potential. The Northern Ireland Curriculum Primary Introduction.